Hoan Phan is a Silicon Valley native, where he teaches High School English.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, but not arithmetic.  His hobbies also usually include music, dogs, fighting games, but not dog-fighting, because that’s ridiculous and you’re awful for assuming that instead of paying attention to the comma between “dogs” and “fighting.”  He is also a Classcraft Ambassador – and if you don’t know what Classcraft is and you’re a teacher, you should totally look it up, check it out, or ask him about it on social media.

The English Phan is a blog that covers these things both as a record for his own state of mind, as well as a place for those who want a full, human picture of the life behind the career of a teacher.  This means that while there are many references and details about teaching within the blog, there are also other articles or entries that cover the human behind the professional.

Phan’s Homework

In 2017, Mr. Phan started his podcast, Phan’s Homework, a teacher’s podcast about school, home, and the limbo between.  

  • To Listen on the main site, click here.
  • To Listen/Subscribe on Google Play, click here.
  • To Listen/Subscribe on iTunes, click here.
  • To listen with the podcasting solution of your choice, you can use this feed.


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