Supporting the Cause! (Food Review)

So this summer I have encountered a snacking gem.  If you try this snack, you will owe me forever for changing your life.  I encountered this item at a place called Mr. Green Bubble, where you’ve seen me check in again and again.  I’ve apparently gone at least 44 times this summer alone.

Mark my words, it’s up to us!

First of all, what could lead me to take such a leap of faith?  Well you would be less surprised if you knew about my wariness of cephalopods.  I therefore, understandably support the killing and eating of these creatures in order to prevent the Cephalopod Uprising of 2035, which we’d be too weak to fight against after defeating Skynet.

Mr. Green Bubble’s calamari rings are what they sound like: breaded rings of squid.  Usually small little ringlets in most places, Mr. Green Bubble throws caution to the wind with bountifully breaded slabs of squid meat.  Huge pieces.  Each piece is wonderfully spiced, and beautifully tender.

I’ve lost some weight from eating this stuff.  How?  Well, they’re so good that I’m willing to eat them in place of a full meal.  Delicious.  Not healthy.  Don’t copy me unless portion control is your problem.

The place offers a spice level of 1-5, of which I usually select level 4.  There’s a combo special, which means a 16oz milk tea is only $1.50 more when buying them.  If I wasn’t typing this right now, I’d be there now.  In fact, I just asked my wife if we could go there for dinner.


Aziz Ansari once stated of Chick Fil-A that it was convenient for them to be anti-homosexual because it allowed their supporters to have “a delicious way to support your cause.”  Well, now I have a delicious way to support mine.  Enjoy wonderful calamari rings from Mr. Green Bubble, and stop the Cephalopod Uprising… or don’t, but let me know so I can pick up your slack.

NOTE: I have not been paid by anyone to advertise anything.

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